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client testimonials


Hi everyone!
Just wanted others to know how great Jason is!!!He really made feel very comfortable talking about my personal issues that are happening.So,far in one day I have had positive affirmation that certain things are happening for me!!!And they are wonderful! I can't wait for the rest, as I am sure they will.He is very accurate and really makes you feel very comfortable through out his reading. He doesn't rush, but takes his time and he is really focused on you.Jason is a very caring person and a friend. He gives 100% to his readings even with his busy schedule.Jason truly touches your heart.I really feel you will enjoy your visit and reading with him.I would highly recommend him to all of my friends and anyone who wants a true and honest reading.I am still shocked after what he told me, it came true in one day.Thank you so much Jason, you've touched my life in many of ways and I hope that you can always read for me.


Hi Jason
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the reading you did for me. Another aspect is that I made a new friend when I met you and that is always a good thing. You were quite accurate on the things you hit on in my past and my present. I will recommend you to others. You are very easy to talk with and you made me feel comfortable with the conversation. I really enjoyed how you showed me how to get in touch with the spirit guide within me. I wish you all the best in your future.


Hi everyone
Your readings are fairly accurate. You have given me a positive outlook on the future and a job opportunity since I'm moving this month (May). Your channeling is interesting since it helps to contact family members or friends that have passed away. Keep up the good work.


Hi Jason, I am totally impressed with your psychic abilities, you are always soooooooo accurate and to the point. You are alway's right on target!!! You are amazing!!! I AM VERY GLAD THAT I FOUND YOU!!! Everyone should defenitely call him.